Early morning.  Empty mountain pass.  Her furious growl is heard across the valley. 

Aggressive power comes on and pulls you into the S-turn.  You lean into the turn.  All three wheels driving hard into the road, spitting out gravel.

The moment slows.  At once you are being hurled by a locomotive and yet are balanced, perfectly connected with the machine. 

The Barghest is built for one.  Rewarding a life of riding with an experience that can only be described as a melding or communion. 



The Barghest Garmr

The Garmr is the latest, hand-evolved, one-off, leaning, reverse-trike from Barghest. 

Designed to live up to its name sake, the Barghest Garmr’s fury makes it the perfect Norse guardian of hell. 

Comfortable on the road & gravel, she leans like a two-wheel motorcycle radically improving your ability to attack turns, while simultaneously creating an intuitive connection with you.  


Designed for Communion

This is not your typical ride.  Barghests are designed to create a relationship with their owner.  Revealing aspects of themselves as a relationship between rider and machine is built.  We describe this as “a communion.” 

It makes Barghest a completely unique artform.  It is more than a vehicle and more than art.  Something that must be experienced to be felt.    



Unlike other vehicles, she cannot be bought, she must be earned on the track, early morning rides on jagged mountain roads, and late-night blasts through forests. 

The reward is a communion.  This connection cannot be planned for on a computer or drafted by an engineer, it must be evolved by an artisan.  An artisan with a point of view, a rider. 

We forge Barghests through a constant process of hand crafting, riding, experiencing, and re-working.  There is no timetable.  Barghests are ready, when they are ready.  Unleashed when they are unmistakable, unavoidable, and unparalleled.




Beyond Ultra-Premium, THERE IS NO LABEL

The Barghest defies labels.  Like a hypercar, it has wheels, powerful engine, and performance, unlike a hypercar it invokes a communion.  Like art it’s shocking, raw, and beautiful, unlike a painting or sculpture, it tears roads apart. 

There is nothing like the raw brutality, the passion, the connection of the Barghest Garmr. 




SINGLE Edition | 003

Each Barghest is the only one of her kind, completely unique.  With each edition, we reimagine a new experience and redesigned the Barghest from the ground up.

The Barghest Garmr is completely original and will never be replicated.  She is available for a showing, to schedule an appointment, fill out the below form:

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