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The Barghest Motive Garmr: Fire & Fury

You cannot believe the feeling of speed and acceleration or what it feels like to corner in this raw & powerful three-wheeled devil dog that leans into turns.   

The Garmr is the first edition, hand-engineered offering from Barghest Motive.  This three-wheeled, reverse trike is offered for sale as a one of a kind, never to be replicated motor vehicle.

This beast lives up to its name.  The Garmr, which means “Hellhound” is as powerful as it is fun to ride.  Her 1200cc engine powers into corners, and it’s unique fully mechanical “motorcycle-like” leaning mechanism allows you to corner at incredible speeds giving you the ability to tear into and out of corners. 

But her performance is not even the best part.


The Garmr is now painted matte black.

The Garmr is now painted matte black.

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A Truly Unique Experience

The experience of riding the Barghest Garmr is like surfing on a fighter jet. 

Like our counterparts in the custom vehicle, motorcycle, and hypercar industries, whom we truly admire, we pursue meticulous detail, performance, and exhilaration. 

Unlike others, who begin with a performance focus and let the enjoyment come from speed and acceleration, we start with a deeper experience in mind and let the design, the feel, the engineering, and performance evolve from that feeling.   

We want our rider to feel deeply connected to their machine.  Almost like a profound ecstatic communion with a lover. 

Further, as the rider rides the Garmr the experience evolves and deepens, allowing the rider to constantly feel something new.

It is wild, and words fall short of explaining it, it must be felt to be truly understood. 

This is why we needed to use a unique way of building each Barghest.

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Hand Engineered

To achieve the complexity of experience, we could not design Garmr on a computer like most vehicles.  We also had to move beyond hand-crafting.

We needed to design and engineer while riding.  We call this process “hand-engineering.”  And it took our Chief Artisan 18-months to craft until the Garmr experience was perfection. 

It is a completely unique way of designing vehicles and it leads to a riding feel that is without comparison. 

Though this process is obviously extremely labor intensive, we believe this is the only way to truly give the Garmr, her soul

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Public Response

You cannot believe the response the Garmr inspires in both men and women. 

Our goal was to create a unique riding experience, but we never could have anticipated the reaction she gets from the general public and our peers alike.

During a recent photo shoot in Los Angeles, while waiting to turn into Downtown Beverly Hills, the driver of a Star Tour bus stopped on Santa Monica Blvd., blocking traffic allowing his group to take pictures of us, and even snapping a few for himself.  We were truly flattered to get a taste of LA celebrity.

We feel humbled by getting such intense attention even while being surrounded by the world’s ultimate luxury & performance vehicles.

Everywhere she goes people have surrounded her with attention and pictures.Even without being able to enjoy riding her, people from all walks of life seem to get drawn in.

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The Garmr

In Norse mythology, the Garmr is a devil dog guarding the entrance to hell.  Our Garmr is no exception.


Its large body juts out like a battering ram against the air.  The engine, unrestrained screams as you twist the throttle.  The rear tire smokes as you launch forward, howling and hurling you against the seat, accelerating at a blistering pace. 

The Garmr was designed as the personification of strength and power: from its full carbon fiber body, to its powerful 1200cc engine, its aggressive stance, its wheel-tire combo, to its deep growl. 

Even at a standstill, she’s a commanding presence.

It urges you to unleash more of its power while diving deeper and sharper into corners as you confidently command her to attack the road ahead.

And when you’re ready to chill with a ride along the beach, the Garmr glides through “S’s” like a serpent.

With Garmr our goal was to create a raw organic mechanical experience. One where human & machine connect. Not through electronics or computing power. Rather through feel & touch, sound & vibration. Much like the race cars & bikes of eras past. It is something only a true automotive connoisseur will understand.


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Garmr - Midsite Collage - V2.jpg
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A One-of-a-Kind, Artistic Statement

Each Barghest is a one-of-a-kind edition that will never be replicated.

While we will build many future reverse trikes, with each new trike we start from absolute scratch.  This means that the look, the feel, the experience of this trike edition will always be completely unique to the Garmr. 

Therefore, the buyer of Garmr will be the only one in the world that can experience her. 

Imagine owning the first Ferrari.

Even though each Barghest will be its own unique vehicle, there is only one first.  The owner of the Garmr will have the distinction of having the first Barghest. 

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Purchase Details

Bidding Opportunity 

To reach a Worldwide audience of automotive enthusiasts and collectors, we are offering the Garmr up for a one-time-only, 10-day public bid via eBay.   

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them.  

Private Showing

To any interested party wanting & willing to come to take a look at Garmr in person.  We would be more than happy to schedule a private showing at or near our Barghest Motive facilities.  Simply contact us to schedule a showing.

Garmr Titling

The Barghest Motive Garmr has a clean & clear US, State of Illinois Title.  Sale and transfer of ownership will be conducted as a private party sale.

Vehicle Delivery

U.S. Buyers...

We will provide FREE shipping and delivery to any buyer located within the 48 contiguous states.  Shipping will NOT be outsourced to a third party, we will personally transport and deliver within an agreed upon time frame after purchase.  If the buyer wishes to waive this free shipping option and make their own arrangements, we will do all we can to accommodate you.

International Buyers...

Do to all the details, potential duties, and/or taxes that may be involved with shipping a motor vehicle overseas. We are sorry to say that we can NOT offer the benefit of free shipping.  However, we will do all we can to assist in the arrangements from our end to make the process move along as smoothly as possible, but international buyers will be responsible for shipping arrangements and costs.

Legal Disclaimer

Barghest Motive, the builder, the seller, and all associates claim no responsibility for any and all damages and or injuries to persons or property that may result in and or from any and all use or misuse of any item, vehicle, or product provided, sold, or transferred.  Use at your own risk.

Barghest Elite Service 

Each Barghest is tested extensively before we make it available for ownership, as a result, we stand behind each vehicle.  If there is a problem, we will work with you to bring the Garmr to its pre-damage condition. 

Barghest Motive Right of Use Notice 

We have received significant interest from art shows, galleries, television shows, and film to use the Garmr in their productions.  We will reserve the right to use the trike in events, shows, advertisements, etc.  We believe this will significantly increase the value of the Garmr for the buyer after its initial sale. 

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Thank You

We truly Thank You for your interest in Barghest Motive and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you in the future.

Also, if you enjoy the Garmr, follow us on social media to see what comes next.  We are @BarghestMotive on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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